Why Buy Domestic Carpet Tiles for Residential Home Use?


Domestic carpet tiles are made specifically with the DIY market in mind. The pile weight usually measured in grams per square metre is a lot lower than that of a commercial grade carpet tile. This means that the tiles are fine for use within the home and for light commercial areas but not for contract use in offices, shops or showrooms. Customers generally get confused when buying carpet tiles and are not sure what the difference is between a domestic carpet tile for residential use and an industrial carpet tile for commercial use. They assume that the industrial type tile will be far too rugged for use within the home? Often confusing the construction (how it feels) with the actual classification of a particular product. In truth its all about cost and what each market can afford.


Are Domestic Carpet Tiles Value For Money?

Obviously we all want great value for money so why not use an industrial quality carpet tile in the home too! As long as the cost of the tile is similar to that of the domestic type and the construction has been carefully considered before purchasing then this would make for a more sensible choice. After all why buy cheap domestic grade carpet tiles from a DIY store when you could get a quality industrial carpet tile for the same price or even lower? The industrial type tiles are specifically designed for use in high traffic situations and work well in areas of the home like an office/study which may have a chair with castor wheels or in a childrens bedroom or playroom where spills could occur. Individual tiles can be easily lifted and cleaned or even replaced saving the need to re-cover the whole floor again.

Constructions of carpet tiles used in the home are usually loop pile, twist pile or cut pile. Loop pile carpet tiles are best suited for areas like kitchens, dining rooms, hallways and conservatories. A smoother finish like a twist or cut pile tile is often chosen over loop for bedrooms and bathrooms and feel softer underfoot. Luxury carpet tiles like these are generally more expensive to buy due to their high fibre content and increased cost to manufacture. The best advice when looking to purchase smooth pile carpet tiles is to find some on sale, clearance or special offer. Colour choice may be limited but look out for job lot carpet tiles or small lots of domestic carpet tiles to clear with an available quantity close to what you require. Ask for free carpet tile samples and see the tiles first hand within your own environment before making an order.

There are mainly two different types of fibre used to make carpet tiles, one is polypropylene and the other solution dyed nylon. For more information please visit our carpet tile sample request page.


Advice On Laying Domestic Carpet Tiles In The Home

DIY stores carry stock of domestic quality carpet tiles but tend to open each box and stack tiles on the shelf without paying attention to batches. Laying several lot numbers together in the same area can lead to a shading difference on the floor. Always remember to check the batch number on each box before fitting. Here at Carpet Tiles Next Day we offer free professional advice to help make sure you end up with a hard wearing functional floor that works. We have over 15 years experience in selling carpet tiles and can also give handy tips on how to fit. We stock thousands of quality carpet tiles and are one of the biggest suppliers of carpet tiles in the UK. We dispatch from our warehouse everyday to both domestic and trade customers who are looking for a good choice of colours all at low prices.

Remember you can always ask us for carpet tile samples as we hold a wide and varied choice of different constructions.


Domestic Carpet Tiles closeup view Residential Carpet Tiles front view of fibre and construction Image showing structure of a carpet tile
  Domestic Carpet Tiles for use in the home Carpet Tiles can be used in many rooms in the home such as kitchen, living room, bedroom and many more areas  
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