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Carpet Tile Sample Request

If you would like to take a closer look at any our carpet tiles, or can't decide between different colours or styles then why not take advantage of our FREE sample service! Request up to nine samples which we'll send you straight away via Royal Mail 1st Class post.

Stratos Blue Carpet Tile Sample Stratos Blue
Orion Blue Carpet Tile Sample Orion Blue
Sapphire Blue Carpet Tile Sample Sapphire Blue
Miami Blue Tile Sample Miami Blue
Ultra Mid Blue Carpet Tile Sample Ultra Mid Blue
Kyanite Blue Carpet Tile Sample Kyanite Blue
Trafalgar Blue Carpet Tile Sample Trafalgar Blue
Mariner Blue Carpet Tile Sample Mariner Blue
Bosun Blue Carpet Tile Sample Bosun Blue
Maxima Fila Carpet Tile Sample Maxima Fila
Maxima Versa Carpet Tile Sample Maxima Versa
Geneva Blue Carpet Tile Sample Geneva Blue
Geneva Dark Blue Carpet Tile Sample Geneva Dark Blue
Galaxy Grey Carpet Tile Sample Galaxy Grey
Aspen Grey Carpet Tile Sample Aspen Grey
Ultra Light Grey Carpet Tile Sample Ultra Light Grey
Ultra Grey Carpet Tile Sample Ultra Grey
Quartz Grey Carpet Tile Sample Quartz Grey
Atlas Grey Carpet Tile Sample Atlas Grey
Galleon Grey Carpet Tile Sample Galleon Grey
Maxima Coda Carpet Tile Sample Maxima Coda
Geneva Grey Carpet Tile Sample Geneva Grey
Cobble Grey Carpet Tile Sample Cobble Grey
Ash Black Carpet Tile Sample Ash Black
Jet Black Tile Sample Jet Black
Cosmic Black Carpet Tile Sample Cosmic Black
Crystal Black Carpet Tile Sample Crystal Black
Guardian Black Carpet Tile Sample Guardian Black
Astra Beige Carpet Tile Sample Astra Beige
Ultra Beige Carpet Tile Sample Ultra Beige
Compass Beige Carpet Tile Sample Compass Beige
Clipper Brown Carpet Tile Sample Clipper Brown
Maxima Riga Carpet Tile Sample Maxima Riga
Ultra Dark Green Carpet Tile Sample Ultra Dark Green
Sherwood Green Carpet Tile Sample Sherwood Green
Landmark Green Carpet Tile Sample Landmark Green
Omega Green Carpet Tile Sample Omega Green
Lava Red Carpet Tile Sample Lava Red
Nebula Red Carpet Tile Sample Nebula Red
Ultra Red Carpet Tile Sample Ultra Red
Admiral Red Carpet Tile Sample Admiral Red
Geneva Terracotta Carpet Tile Sample Geneva Terracotta
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It's fast, easy and it's FREE!

If you would like to take a closer look at any our carpet tiles, or can't decide between different colours or styles then why not take advantage of our FREE sample service!

Request up to nine samples at a time, which we will send you by Royal Mail 1st Class post.

At approximately 10cm x 10cm in size, each sample piece is large enough to verify the exact look and feel providing a realistic impression of how the carpet tile will look once fitted.

Each sample is clearly labelled with the name, colour, product details and price, so when you have made your decision you can either buy online or order by phone on 01485 528993.

Carpet Tile Samples Ready To Post

Which Carpet Tiles should I choose?

Carpet Tiles come in many different colours, patterns and constructions. Common constructions of carpet tiles are loop pile, cut pile, twist pile, cord or rib. You can also get hair, velour and hobnail carpet tiles. All of these finishes can be used in any residential or industrial situation although this depends on the area in which they are to be laid. Normally you would not fit a coarse office carpet tile in a bedroom/bathroom or use the hobnail finish for kitchen carpet tiles. However if you have pets and need a hard wearing solution that works, then this may be the right choice for you. On the other hand using a light coloured cut pile carpet tile would show dirt quickly if fitted in a motor factors or the office of a busy engineering company and would be considered the wrong choice. Our advice is think about what the area will be used for and then choose a suitable finish before picking a colour.

The two most common fibres used in carpet tiles are nylon and polypropylene. Polypropylene is known for its great strength and durability and is generally lower in price than nylon. Nylon is a softer material so the fibre bends and springs back with movement making them more suited for castor chairs. Nylon carpet tiles have a heavy contract rating whereas most polypropylene carpet tiles are classed as general contract. Both types of carpet tile will look and perform almost the same but nylon tiles tend to keep their appearance for longer in high traffic situations. Choosing the right finish is important when using polypropylene tiles. There are real savings to be made as long as all factors have been taken into consideration. If you are unsure which carpet tile is right for you please call us on 01485 528993 or email us where we can offer free professional advice on what suits you best within our range of products.

Once you have made your choice there is no need to send the samples back to us in the post. We would really appreciate if you could either pass on to a friend or relative or keep for future reference. If not please consider recycling the cardboard box rather than sending to landfill. Thank you.