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Why Grey?!! - No…. everyone uses Grey Carpet Tiles ...boring!!

Why Grey?!! - No…. everyone uses Grey Carpet Tiles ...boring!!
By Julie Gould 27 September 2022 No comments
Why Grey?!! - No…. everyone uses Grey Carpet Tiles ...boring!!

Can I sing the praises of Grey carpet Tiles? Yes, I can

Are they boring? No.

There are many good reasons why the colour Grey carpet tiles are so popular and used in a variety of situations.

Grey as a base colour provides a wonderful backdrop, giving a warm or cool feeling to an area depending on the use. For the modern home, grey has become a very important colour in the interior design pallet. Whether chosen for a kitchen, hallway, living room, dining room, bathroom or bedroom, grey can be seen employed as wall coverings; soft furnishings; furniture or flooring.

Grey as a neutral shade is often co-ordinated with many popular choices of colour scheme; some great examples are silver, teal, red, green, and mustard, blush pink or sometimes black. A way to use this neutral colour is by selecting it as the flooring. Grey flooring is available in wood, tiles, vinyl and carpet on a roll and carpet tiles.

But colour theming is not exclusively used for your home. The wellbeing of staff and visitors is very important, businesses and organisations now work to make their spaces as comfortable and mentally pleasing as possible. After the strange upheaval of the pandemic, many employees worked remotely from their homes, often finding it more conducive to productive work rather than a hindrance as was the concern. Learning from this experience offices and work spaces are becoming more user-friendly. The stark décor and colour pallet is being swept aside for a more considered, calming approach to work spaces.

But the work place is a busier environment than experienced in your home. Furnishings, furniture, flooring all have to be able to endure the work load and be practical. This is where the grey carpet tiles become fully effective. Yes they have always been a staple in the office environment, but they do not need to be utilitarian. We supply carpet tiles in a variety of shades that stretch across the grey spectrum, in different fibres; stitching styles and design ranges.

For utility areas our Fine Rib Galaxy Grey carpet tiles are a hardwearing choice. Their mid misty grey shade is pleasant and takes the edge off plain functional areas.

We have a selection for meeting rooms, foyers and waiting areas where a more robust tile is called for. We offer Ultra Grey, Aspen Grey and Atlas Grey. These can also be ideal choices along with the Ultra Light Grey in situations throughout the home, for example in a dressing room.

When offices are filled with desks and the obligatory castor chairs the perfect greys are on offer in our castor friendly selection Galleon, Quartz and Atlas Carpet Tiles. All of which are very hardy and aesthetically pleasing, especially when partnered with the statement colours mentioned earlier.

Another option from our grey carpet tile catalogue is the nylon cut pile Geneva Grey, this is a sumptuous, soft grey tile ideal for bedrooms where comfort under foot is preferred, or to spoil your directors and colleagues and lay them in your company boardroom.

We also have another option for a modern working space the Maxima range, here you could choose Coda, a dark and mid grey linear pattern tile or alternatively Versa, a grey and blue mix in the same contemporary style stitching.

Is grey boring? I think the answer is no, not in the least……

Why Grey?!! - No…. everyone uses Grey Carpet Tiles ...boring!!