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As the nights’ begin to stretch with more hours of daylight and hopefully plenty of rays of sunshine brightening up our evenings, it’s great to see those warm colours when they adorn our skyline.

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As we approach the sunset of another year and presently embrace its Autumnal features, when leaves rustle as they lie on the ground – the remnants of the season when gales blow and temperatures drop.

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Carpet Tiles in Cardiff - Wales

By Glen Howard 25 August 2014 No comments

Do you own a business or reside in the Cardiff area?
Have you decided that your floor covering needs updating?

Well look no further. Here at Carpet Tiles Next Day we have the answer to your flooring quandaries.

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Are you planning to move to a new office, or are you considering redesigning your existing one? If so, then you will have a long list of things to think about. Any sort of upheaval at work is always difficult, and it's only natural that productivity will go down while things get straightened out.

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If you are accustomed to receiving good personal service, you are looking at the right place to purchase new flooring. Carpet Tiles Next Day supply carpet tiles for both the domestic and commercial market, we ship from our warehouse, to the destination of your choice.

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Carpet Tiles For Your Nursery

By Glen Howard 10 February 2014 No comments

If you own or manage a commercial nursery, you will no doubt be acutely aware of the level of abuse that your floor coverings face each day. As every game seems to involves little feet stampeding across the room, mats are turned into race tracks for all manner of toys and that's before you consider food/drink etc being dropped on the floor.

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When you're thinking of what type of flooring you could put down, carpet tiles might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but they can be the ideal choice for a range of locations. They're far cheaper and easier to lay than conventional carpeting and come in a variety of colours and styles to suit all kinds of needs.

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It goes without saying that first impressions count. Employees, prospective clients and business associates, in fact anyone who enters your building will make a judgement on your overall professionalism within the first 7 seconds.

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We have sold thousands of carpet tiles for Garden Centres over the years and undoubtedly the best type to use is either a rib, hair velour or a hobnail construction.
Due to the high amount of traffic seen in a busy garden centre the heavy duty rough textured tiles work much better than a loop pile carpet tile.

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When you're looking for a quality office carpet tile many different factors have to be taken into consideration when choosing the right tile for the job.

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