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Carpet Tiles Next Day Blog

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As we approach the sunset of another year and presently embrace its Autumnal features, when leaves rustle as they lie on the ground – the remnants of the season when gales blow and temperatures drop.

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Sporting activities have been gradually emerging after some shutdowns and postponements due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic over the last year or so.

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Staycation is the Way to Go!

By Iain Uprichard 24 August 2020 No comments

A holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.
A word (actually the combination of two words, stay and vacation) mentioned frequently during the summer months this year whilst travelling further afield is restricted due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

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Blue is the Colour...

By Glen Howard 6 February 2019 No comments

Lying between violet and green in the Spectrum of Visible Light, blue has been proven to be the world’s most popular colour. It is one of the three Primary Colours, along with red and green, meaning that all visible colours can be created through the combination of these three main pigments. Most blues contain a mixture of other colours.

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A Brief History of Carpet Tiles

By Julie Gould 14 January 2019 No comments

In the mid-nineteenth century just outside Amsterdam, Holland, a small business named Heuga, manufactured animal skin bicycle seat covers. They experimented by using horse and hog hair yarn, made from a waste by-product of local slaughter houses, to make a wider width fabric using a needle punch machine.

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Summer is on the wane and it's nearly time to safely store away your summer toys again. Before you pack up your holiday caravan, motorhome or boat ahead of the winter weather, do they need a little tender loving care?

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It’s Trick or Treat time of year again. All of your nearest, dearest and neighbours bringing their costumed children to knock on your door! You just know that their parents can’t help themselves from checking out your house! Can you make a good impression?

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After all, carpet tiles are all the same aren’t they?! It has to be said that this is a common misconception and something that’s puzzled many a customer over the years. Most people have a general idea about carpet on a roll but it’s surprising how little most people know about this product in tile form.

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From that brand new white rug, to those beige domestic carpet tiles, your flooring is bound to fall victim to spills, drops and accidents from time to time. Luckily, many of these common carpet stains can be easily removed at home.

Here we look at five common carpet stains and how to remove them:

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Carpet Tile FAQ’s

By Glen Howard 20 September 2017 10 comments

During the last 20 years of selling carpet tiles over the phone we’ve gained quite an insight into the types of questions customers have when it comes to buying and indeed fitting carpet tiles. Every week we see a repetition of the same questions and thought it would be a useful exercise to start noting them down and sharing on our carpet tile blog page.

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