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Blue is the Colour...

Blue is the Colour...
By Glen Howard 6 February 2019 No comments
Blue is the Colour...

Blue is the Colour...

Lying between violet and green in the Spectrum of Visible Light, blue has been proven to be the world’s most popular colour. It is one of the three Primary Colours, along with red and green, meaning that all visible colours can be created through the combination of these three main pigments. Most blues contain a mixture of other colours. In Azure blue we find green, and in Ultramarine blue, violet is present.

Blue has been an important colour in interior decoration, art and design since Ancient times.

So where did it originate?

It originated with the Egyptians approximately 6,000 years ago. Whilst mining, they discovered a deep, intense blue metamorphic rock known as Lapis Lazuli. They ground it down to make the colour pigment known as Ultramarine Blue. In 2200 BCE they created ‘Cuprorivate’ (also known as ‘Egyptian Blue’). This is thought to be the first synthetic pigment produced in Egypt, made by mixing lime, copper, silica and alkali. Other minerals such as cobalt and azurite were also used.

These expensive blue pigments were spread to the Persians, Mesoamericans and Romans. Only Royalty could afford them. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the Italians imported them into Medieval Europe where they were sought after by artists, many of whom got into great debt acquiring them. They were considered as precious as gold, and remained that way until a French chemist invented a synthetic Ultramarine Blue in 1826.

What does the colour Blue mean to you?

The colour blue has been said to signify many things including Purity, humility, serenity, spirituality, faith, and freedom. Its calming influence makes it a great choice for a domestic or commercial environment.

Blue has been one of the top selling carpet tile colours for many years. Here at Carpet Tiles Next Day we stock a wide range of shades produced in both polypropylene and nylon to suit all tastes and budgets. From the luxury of Geneva Blue our 100% Nylon Cut Pile, to the fine rib heavy duty Stratos Blue.

Blue is the Colour...