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Carpet Tiles in London

Carpet Tiles in London
By Glen Howard 14 March 2012 No comments
Carpet Tiles in London

London Carpet Tile Supplier

Carpet Tiles are used in cities all over the UK in particular London where there is a high concentration of office blocks with raised access flooring installed. Fitting carpet tiles over this type of flooring is essential in gaining access to cabling hidden beneath the raised floor. The size of the raised flooring panels are usually 600mm x 600mm and by laying 500mm x 500mm commercial quality carpet tiles over the top ensures safe and easy access for future maintenance.

Using carpet tiles slightly smaller than the panels means that the joints of both panel and tile are staggered and not directly on top of each other ensuring a continuous flat floor covering.

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If broadloom carpet on a roll is laid then the area would have to be completely cleared of all office chairs and desks before the floor can be exposed and access to the raised flooring achieved. By using carpet tiles only a few squares have to be lifted so any problems can be easily rectified with the minimum amount of fuss and disruption. Carpet Tiles are fire retardant and safe for use in public buildings making them the perfect choice for London hotels, gyms, schools and shopping centres.

Next Day Carpet Tiles Delivery to London Addresses

We sell carpet tiles in London every day to many corporate, business and residential customers who are looking for a hard wearing flooring covering that can deliver both high performance and low maintenance at an affordable price. Carpet Tiles are ideal for all high traffic situations in particular busy offices where the wheels of computer chairs are constantly rolling over the surface. Traditional carpet would not stand up to this unless it was contract worthy however there is one big dis-advantage when using carpet in offices. If the carpet becomes stained and the marks cannot be removed then there is no choice but to replace the whole floor which can be expensive. However if carpet tiles are used then the stained tile can be easily lifted and replaced with a new one.

A good quality carpet tile can last for years and can be extremely friendly to the environment. Many top brand carpet tile manufacturers are trying to reduce the amount of old carpet being dumped in landfill sites by actively promoting carpet tiles as the green future of flooring. Carpet on a roll still has the majority share of the market in the UK but hopefully this will change as customers understand the impact throwing away has on the environment. Manufacturers are now trying to find a way of returning a tile back into its separate components at the end of its life so they can be re-used and made back into new carpet tiles again. This means that we will be able to enjoy recycled flooring again and again to help cities like London carpet tile their way into the next century.

Carpet Tiles With Fast Same Day Dispatch to London Addresses

Here at Carpet Tiles Next Day we supply both the construction industry and residential customers in London with industrial quality carpet tiles in different colours, constructions and designs all at low prices. We hold large stocks at our warehouse in Norfolk which is perfectly placed to supply to London carpet tiles with a choice of either next day or economy delivery. From orders of a few boxes to several pallets of carpet tiles we dispatch immediately and make the process of ordering carpet tiles an easy one rather than an olympic challenge. We don't sell cheap carpet tiles we sell carpet tiles cheaper!

Carpet Tiles in London