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How Difficult Is It To Fit Carpet Tiles Myself?

How Difficult Is It To Fit Carpet Tiles Myself?
By Glen Howard 30 April 2018 No comments
How Difficult Is It To Fit Carpet Tiles Myself?

Fitting Carpet Tiles Yourself

The thought of your new carpet tiles arriving by a parcel carrier in boxes or on a pallet can seem a little daunting at first, especially if you're considering fitting the product yourself. Never fear though, as we are here to help to make sure you take full advantage when using this most creative and versatile of floor coverings. Like most things in life there is always a reward to be had if you're willing and able to put the effort in and often a good chunk of money can be saved too. Doing it yourself means you won't need to fork out the extra cost for the services of a professional carpet fitter, instead you'll be safe in the knowledge that any savings are going straight in your pocket.

Bear in mind that for really large areas it's always best seeking the advice of a qualified contractor as they will help steer you in the right direction and could potentially save you money and time in the long run but in a different way.
When you start going down the road of moving desks and lifting old floor coverings that have possibly been stuck to the floor this in itself can be a big task. The subfloor then might need some kind of preparation; say a self-levelling compound might need to be put down first if the concrete is damaged or too rough for tiles. You could have old floorboards with big gaps that will need sheet material laid down to take out any imperfections and to provide a clean and sound base to start from. So it's always best to check these things first before 'Doing It Yourself'.

Moving on to the product itself what do you choose and how many will you need? Well, the easiest way is to measure the floor in metres and with the dimensions in hand visit our carpet tile calculator page where you can find this answer really quickly with the minimum of fuss and hassle. One major factor in all this is whether you are going to be laying the carpet tiles in a domestic residence or in an industrial situation as this is where a sensible decision can be made as to whether you have the time to take on the fitting yourself. In smaller areas then this can be a pretty simple and achievable task even for a novice. As long as you have thought about how you are going to tackle the job in advance of any work taking place then you should be fine. First gather the necessary tools and equipment to complete the job and check to see if you need any new door strips or trims (which we do not stock but can be easily purchased from your local DIY store).

There are lots of really useful advice and tips on our website to make sure you get a professional looking finish if you are laying your own carpet tiles. Our 5 step fitting guide will help you through the process of fitting carpet tiles and even has pictures to make it a little clearer, keeping you on the right path. Remember the beauty of carpet tiles is that the backing has already been added meaning there is no need for underlay. We sell to all walks of life and for various uses from newt shelters on a wildlife sanctuary to blockbuster movies and everything in between. After all, everyone has a floor and its great finding a product that just works and one where you can just fit and forget and move on to the next job!

How Difficult Is It To Fit Carpet Tiles Myself?