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The Home Inspired Office

By Lauren Holton 3 July 2018 No comments

One of the big trend predictions for office interiors 2018 is a home away from home set up, with companies investing in furniture which their employees would lust after for their own homes. The concept is basically to create an office design that feels homely for employees and infuse aspects of the home within the workplace.

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After all, carpet tiles are all the same aren’t they?! It has to be said that this is a common misconception and something that’s puzzled many a customer over the years. Most people have a general idea about carpet on a roll but it’s surprising how little most people know about this product in tile form.

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If you’re planning to lay or replace your flooring now or in the future it’s always advisable to consider the cost of the full life when choosing to use carpet tiles. If you plan to change your décor and update regularly then your immediate flooring costs can be kept low, but this can only be achieved by choosing less expensive, expendable carpet tiles.

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The thought of your new carpet arriving by a parcel carrier in boxes or on a pallet can seem a little daunting at first, especially if you’re considering fitting the product yourself. Never fear though, as we are here to help to make sure you take full advantage when using this most creative and versatile of floor coverings.

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Your office space can have a significant impact on the productivity of your workplace, and in turn the overall success of your business. You can’t expect to motivate a team or accomplish many tasks in a cramped, dark and cluttered office. Need some office decorating tips? Take a look at these 10 easy work office decorating ideas for inspiration:

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We often get asked this same question when we supply carpet tiles and the ‘low tack’ carpet tile tackifier adhesive; “what's the best way to lay carpet tiles?” This, when once actually explained is a fairly straight forward process but there are a few ‘tricks of the trade’ which can really help when using this product.

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
but is your home in the holiday spirit?
Step into the season of joy with these Christmas home decorating ideas giving helpful hints and tips on all things design and renovation.

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From that brand new white rug, to those beige domestic carpet tiles, your flooring is bound to fall victim to spills, drops and accidents from time to time. Luckily, many of these common carpet stains can be easily removed at home.

Here we look at five common carpet stains and how to remove them:

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Carpet Tile FAQ’s

By Glen Howard 20 September 2017 10 comments

During the last 20 years of selling carpet tiles over the phone we’ve gained quite an insight into the types of questions customers have when it comes to buying and indeed fitting carpet tiles. Every week we see a repetition of the same questions and thought it would be a useful exercise to start noting them down and sharing on our carpet tile blog page.

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So you need a new carpet! And then you think to yourself, "hmm what type of flooring is best?"

If you're trying to decide between carpet tiles or traditional broadloom (roll) carpet, read on...

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